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For more information about Wharton or for help in finding an expert, journalists should contact:

Phyllis Stevenson
Media Relations Coordinator, Wharton Communications
215.898.8036 (phone)
215.898.1883 (fax)

NOTE: General Press Inquiries

Peter Winicov
Senior Associate Director, Wharton Communications
215.746.6471 (phone)
215.898.1883 (fax)

NOTE: Knowledge@Wharton, Wharton Digital Press and General Press Inquiries

Malini Doddamani
Director, Wharton Communications
215.746.6334 (phone)
215.898.1883 (fax)

NOTE: General Press Inquiries

For assistance in contacting faculty, students, and staff members outside of Wharton, direct inquiries to:

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