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Prof. Susan Wachter in The Economist

Prof. of Real Estate Susan Wachter is quoted in a story about an American college-town housing boom. Read More
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Prof. Peter Fader in

Prof. of Marketing Peter Fader is featured in a story about Rhapsody’s rebranding as Napster. Read More
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Prof. Jonah Berger on NPR’s “The Diane Rehm Show”

Prof. of Marketing Jonah Berger discusses his new book about the hidden forces that shape behavior. Read More
digital marketing
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Prof. David Bell in The Philadelphia Inquirer

Prof. of Marketing David Bell is featured in a story about digital marketing. Read More
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Prof. Katja Seim in

Prof. of Business Economics and Public Policy Katja Seim is noted as the Federal Communications Commission’s new chief economist. Read More
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FCC Chairman Wheeler Appoints New Chief Economist

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler today announced the appointment of Katja Seim as chief economist for the Federal Communications Commission, effective July 1, 2016. Dr. Seim currently serves as an associate professor of business economics and public policy… Read More
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Adjunct Prof. of Finance David Wessels in The Wall Street Journal

Adjunct Prof. of Finance David Wessels is cited by the Wall Street Journal in a story about Saudi Aramco’s IPO. Read More

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