Wharton Faculty Op-Eds

AI May Not Be a Job Killer, After All
Wall Street Journal | May 9, 2024
Profs. Peter Cappelli, Sonny Tambe, and Mack Institute Executive Director Valery Yakubovich argue that AI won’t be as detrimental to jobs as many fear.

Here’s the key that could unlock the U.S. housing market for buyers and sellers
MarketWatch | May 2, 2024
Prof. Lu Liu co-authored this piece on navigating the housing market for first-time homebuyers, detailing recent research on the benefits of mortgage rate lock-ins.

401(k) plans lack one benefit that would make a big difference in retirement
MarketWatch | April 30, 2024
Prof. Olivia Mitchell argues that lifetime annuity products are the missing link in most workers’ retirement plans.

These investments will boost your net worth more than any growth stock
MarketWatch | April 23, 2024
Prof. Sean Myers discusses why value stocks with low P/E ratios deliver long-term results through the context of his research.

Why are employees hiring their own independent HR consultants?
Human Resource Executive | April 8, 2024
Prof. Peter Cappelli discusses the complex history of human resource departments’ mission of simultaneously supporting both employees and leadership.

We’re Focusing on the Wrong Kind of AI Apocalypse
TIME | April 1, 2024
Prof. Ethan Mollick provides perspective on the real and exaggerated threats of artificial intelligence, advocating for broad discussions around the implications of AI.

The Surprising Culprit Behind Declining US Antitrust Enforcement
ProMarket | February 5, 2024
Prof. Herbert Hovenkamp argues that small businesses and trade associations have historically had more influence over antitrust policy.

The Secret to Accomplishing Big Goals Lies in Breaking Them into Flexible, Bite-Size Chunks
Scientific American | January 29, 2024
Profs. Marissa Sharif, Katy Milkman, and Angela Duckworth say subgoals can make all the difference when ambitious targets seem too daunting.

Does Negative Advertising Pay Off for Consumer Brands?
The Wall Street Journal | January 25, 2024
Prof. Pinar Yildirim co-authors this piece examining the impact of negative advertising on consumer products.

How long does it take to form a habit?
CNN | December 30, 2023
Prof. Angela Duckworth and Katy Milkman discuss tips for making good on New Year’s resolutions through the lens of their recent research on habit forming behavior.

The SEC Has the Power to Save Itself From Constitutional Doubts
Bloomberg | December 11, 2023
Prof. David Zaring co-authors this piece on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s growing legal woes.