Wharton Faculty Op-Eds

Why we manage people so poorly – and what we can do about it
Human Resources Executive | September 5, 2023

Prof. Peter Cappelli shares his insights on why managers aren’t always great at managing people and how to improve.

Why Delays in Delivering Justice Lead to Harsher Sentencing
Scientific American | August 29, 2023
Prof. Samir Nurmohamed and his co-authors explore their research findings, which suggest delays in arrests or sentencing increase punishment severity.

The Worst People Run for Office. It’s Time for a Better Way.
The New York Times | August 21, 2023
Prof. Adam Grant argues for a lottery to randomly select political leaders from everyday citizens.

The bright side of bank diversification
The Banker | August 17, 2023
Prof. Itay Goldstein explores the benefits of increasing diversification in banking, especially during times of crisis.

Simplifying a Complicated Global Economy
Project Syndicate | August 17, 2023
Prof. Mohamed El-Erian shares his thoughts on navigating today’s global economic landscape.

Don’t exclude EBT accounts from the CFPB’s data access rule
American Banker | August 15, 2023
Prof. Wendy De La Rosa discusses new financial data access rules drafted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

How AI Affects Our Sense of Self
Harvard Business Review | August 15, 2023
Prof. Stefano Puntoni explores how the growth of AI and automated technologies is affecting how people feel about themselves and their surroundings.

The real (and problematic) reason companies offer unlimited vacation
Fast Company | August 10, 2023
Prof. Peter Cappelli maintains that employers are more concerned with accounting than well-being.

Health care has an ‘LMNO’ problem
Stat | August 8, 2023
Prof. David Asch says that contractions of language and behavior reinforce each other throughout medicine, leading to needless tests and avoidable costs.

Pension Funds and Sustainable Investment: Challenges and Opportunities
Plan Sponsor | August 3, 2023
Prof. Olivia Mitchell details the historical context, current practices, and future prospects of ESG investing in the pension industry.