Wharton School’s “Future Of Publishing” Conference Features Gordon Crovitz, Former Wall Street Journal Publisher and Martin Nisenholtz, Senior Vice President for Digital Operations at the New York Times

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Wharton faculty and industry experts convene in New York for conference April 30, 2010

PHILADELPHIA– The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is presenting The Future of Publishing: Technology, Publishing and Academia Build a Forum for Solutions, a one-day conference taking place at the Marriott Marquis in New York City on April 30, 2010. Gordon Crovitz, formerly publisher of the Wall Street Journal and currently co-founder of Journalism Online will present a keynote address. Also keynoting is Martin Nisenholtz, Senior Vice President for Digital Operations at the New York Times Company.

The event is a joint effort between the Wharton Lab for Innovation in Publishing (part of the Wharton Interactive Media Initiative, WIMI), Knowledge@Wharton and Wharton School Publishing. The conference will seek insights into how traditional publishing models have been disrupted, fragmented and dissolved. Given that for books, magazines and news organizations, new behaviors and technologies have altered the face of publishing forever, the conference will bring an empirical perspective to examine the emerging technologies and strategies that impact all facets of the industry. It aims to help bring actionable answers to publishing executives across all platforms.

“Digital technology has originated a true revolution in all fields of publishing affording books, newspapers and magazines a new lease on life as well as the tools necessary to once again grow and expand the scope and reach of the product of the intellect into the U.S. and worldwide marketplace,” said Alberto Vitale, former Chairman and CEO of Random House, former chairman of the International eBook Foundation and founder of the Wharton Lab for Innovation in Publishing.

Besides numerous Wharton School faculty members, experts participating in the Future of Publishing conference include: David Carey, Group President, Condé Nast; Chas Edwards, CEO, Digg.com; Elinor Hirschhorn, EVP and Chief Digital Officer, Simon and Schuster; David Steinberger, President and CEO, Perseus Books Group; Kevin Delaney, Managing Editor of the Wall Street Journal Online; Sreenath Sreenivasan, Dean of Student Affairs at Columbia University’s School of Journalism; Steven Wilson, CEO of Fast Pencil as well as representatives from Google, Flurry, Cuil, Open Road Media and Outside.In.

Panelists will discuss emerging publishing issues, including:

  • The publisher of the future and how traditional publishers can adapt to meet changing models
  • The consumer of the future and how emerging technologies will serve consumers’ needs
  • Evolving content distribution methods based on the mobility introduced by new devices and delivery platforms
  • The ways in which social media, search capabilities and hyper-local content strategies are changing how and when consumers obtain the content that interests them
    A complete agenda and registration can be found at: www.whartonpublab.com.

    The first 100 registrants will receive a copy of Social Networking for Business, by Rawn Shah, compliments of Wharton School Publishing. Additionally, Facebook fans of WIMIKnowledge@Wharton or Wharton School Publishing will receive an access code for a 10% discount on registration.

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