Wharton-INSEAD Alliance Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

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Top business schools mark decade of successful partnership with global business education and knowledge network

Wharton and INSEAD, two of the world’s leading business schools, today marked the 10th anniversary of the Wharton-INSEAD Alliance. Launched in 2001, the Alliance combines the resources of the world’s leaders in management education to deliver top quality business research and education across five dedicated campuses: Wharton’s U.S. campuses in Philadelphia and San Francisco, and those of INSEAD in Fontainebleau, Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

The anniversary was marked by a gathering of Alliance graduates and faculty in London, which included remarks by economist Jeremy Rifkin, himself a Wharton alumnus.

Since the Alliance was established, more than 1,000 MBA students have participated in the student exchange. Additionally, the Alliance offers the possibility to nearly 400 combined resident faculty across the two schools to collaborate across many areas such as a faculty exchange, joint research and teaching projects through the Alliance Center for Global Research & Education, PhD collaboration and co-branded Executive Education programs.

“At Wharton we believe that we must continue to build new bridges and partnerships for knowledge generation and dissemination,” said Thomas S. Robertson, Dean of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. “The Alliance continues to champion international and interdisciplinary education for the best business minds in the world and we are proud to be part of this ongoing global relationship.”

Each year, 100 to 150 MBA students enroll in the exchange and gain full access to various course offerings, local faculty, career services, and clubs. Students have the opportunity to participate in a top MBA program on a different continent and gain full access to the Career Management Services of the school they visit.

“The success of the Alliance is based on our shared belief in the importance of providing multinational opportunities for all of our program participants, as well as exceptional research between the faculties of these institutions,” said Dipak C. Jain, Dean of INSEAD. “Our two preceding Deans – Frank Brown and Gabriel Hawawini – have played a critical role in growing the Alliance to where it is today, and I look forward to building up our relationship with Wharton in the years to come.”

Over 1,500 executives have benefitted from the Alliance with co-branded open enrollment Executive Education programs such as the Wharton-INSEAD Leading an Effective Sales Force program and the Wharton-INSEAD Strategic R&D Management program, delivered across campuses and taught by faculty members from both schools. Additionally, the Alliance has designed and delivered company-specific Executive Education programs for leading multinational corporations.

“The Wharton-INSEAD Alliance is the broadest and deepest venture of its kind among two business schools anywhere in the world,” said J. Frank Brown, former Dean of INSEAD. “The Alliance has provided a truly unique global business education and knowledge network for MBAs, executives, PhD candidates and alumni.”

The Wharton-INSEAD Center for Global Research & Education fosters deep collaborative relationships across the two schools to nurture world-class research, enhance the globalization of the curricula, and experiment with global teaching innovations. The Center also promotes the exchange of faculty across the two schools (60 faculty members have visited the partner school to teach or conduct research).

The Alliance provides opportunities to connect the large and active alumni communities of both schools (with 41,884 INSEAD alumni present in 160 countries and 86,593 Wharton alumni present in 140 countries). Joint alumni events and industry summits have been held around the world. Dean Jain added, “I am certain the alumni of both schools who have participated in the Alliance will continue to find this an enriching experience.”

For more details on the Wharton-INSEAD Alliance, please visit: Wharton-INSEAD Alliance or INSEAD-Wharton Alliance

About the Wharton School

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania— founded in 1881 as the first collegiate business school — is recognized globally for intellectual leadership and ongoing innovation across every major discipline of business education. The most comprehensive source of business knowledge in the world, Wharton bridges research and practice through its broad engagement with the global business community. The School has more than 4,800 undergraduate, MBA, executive MBA, and doctoral students; more than 9,000 annual participants in executive education programs; and an alumni network of 86,000 graduates.

About INSEAD, The Business School for the World

As one of the world’s leading and largest graduate business schools, INSEAD brings together people, cultures and ideas from around the world to change lives and to transform organizations. A global perspective and cultural diversity are reflected in all aspects of our research and teaching.

With campuses in Europe (France), Asia (Singapore) and Abu Dhabi, and a research center in Israel, INSEAD’s business education and research spans three continents. Our 145 renowned Faculty members from 36 countries inspire more than 1,000 degree participants in our MBA, Executive MBA and PhD programs. In addition, more than 9,500 executives participate in INSEAD’s executive education programs.

In addition to INSEAD’s programs on our three campuses, the Wharton-INSEAD Alliance delivers MBA and co-branded executive education programs on Wharton’s U.S. campuses in Philadelphia and San Francisco. In China, we award a joint Executive MBA with Tsinghua University, and in Brazil, our executive education association with Fundação Dom Cabral has existed for 21 years.

Last year, INSEAD celebrated 50 years as a pioneer of international business education based in Europe. This year we celebrate another milestone in our history – the 10th Anniversary of our Asia campus in Singapore.

Around the world and over the decades, INSEAD continues to believe in conducting cutting edge research and innovating across all our programs in order to provide business leaders with the knowledge and sensitivity to operate anywhere. These core values have enabled us to become truly “The Business School for the World.”

More information about INSEAD can be found at www.insead.edu